Case Results

Criminal Defense

Forfeiture Action Sees Client's Funds Returned
January 08, 2015

Client had a package containing thousands of dollars seized while in transit. The City of Seattle alleged that the currency was drug proceeds and attempted to forfeit it. After litigation, Mr. Black secured a dismissal of the forfeiture action and client’s funds were returned to him.

Return of Child Secured
June 15, 2014

Client’s infant child taken away from him due to the discovery of multiple fractures. Prevailed at trial based in large part on Mr. Black’s cross-examination of the state’s expert doctor, whom the court found to be not credible. Client’s child returned to him. No criminal charges ever filed.

Protection Order Dismissed and Criminal Charges Dropped
February 20, 2014

Client was charged criminally with domestic violence assault and had protection order issued against him in a separate proceeding. After extensive investigation Mr. Black won dismissal of the protection order petition and convinced the state to drop the criminal charges.

Not-Guilty Verdict in Rape Trial
January 06, 2016

Health-care worker client charged with rape in the second degree of a patient. At trial, Mr. Black and co-counsel established complaining witness’s financial motivation for making false allegations and discredited his version of events. Not guilty verdict returned.

Assault with Deadly Weapon: Charges Dropped
December 10, 2014

Client charged in King County Superior Court with felony assault with a deadly weapon. After uncovering serious issues regarding the complaining witness’s credibility, as well as facts that disproved his story, Mr. Black convinced the prosecution to drop the charges.

Charges Dismissed After Defense Motion
November 09, 2014

Client charged with furnishing liquor to multiple minors. Mr. Black moved to dismiss charges based on the prosecution’s lack of evidence. Prosecution voluntarily dismissed all charges.

Federal Crimes

Federal Drug Conspiracy Charges Dismissed
January 06, 2016

Client charged in Federal Court with conspiring to import and deliver controlled substances as well as other counts. After extensive litigation, United States Attorney dismissed the charges the day before the trial was scheduled to begin.

Federal Contempt Charges Dropped
January 16, 2015

Client ordered to show cause in Federal Court why she should not be held in contempt of court due to alleged violation of court orders. Mr. Black convinced the court to drop the allegations.

Federal Conspiracy to Commit Robbery Charge Dismissed
May 14, 2014

Client charged in Federal Court with conspiracy to commit robbery. After investigation and trial preparation, Mr. Black convinced the United States Attorney that client was not involved, and to dismiss the charges.

Dismissal of Federal Probation Violations
April 26, 2014

Client charged with multiple probation violations in Federal Court. After investigation into irregular circumstances of client’s supervision, and litigation, Mr. Black secured dismissal of all allegations.

Not-Guilty Verdict in Federal Court
November 29, 2013

Client charged with fraudulent use of social security number in Federal Court. Mr. Black and and his former partner took case to trial and established the inaccuracy of the government’s allegations. Not guilty verdict returned.

Appeals and Post-Conviction Relief

Federal Court Decision Overturned by 9th Circuit
January 06, 2016

Our attorneys brought a motion to withdraw a client’s guilty plea in federal court from almost a decade earlier, based on ineffective assistance of counsel. After the district court dismissed the motion, we appealed the ruling to 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, who overturned the ruling.

Immigrants' Ability to Stay in the U.S. Restored
August 21, 2014

The attorneys at Black Law, PLLC have prevailed in dozens of post-conviction motions to withdraw guilty pleas or modify sentences on behalf of immigrants whose convictions endangered their ability to stay in the United States.

Domestic Violence

Federal Domestic Violence Allegations Dismissed
January 06, 2016

The Government brought allegations that client had violated probation conditions by committing a domestic violence assault. After a contested hearing involving multiple government and defense witnesses, Mr. Black secured dismissal of the allegations.

Felony Charges Avoided, Misdemeanor Charges Dismissed
January 06, 2016

Client arrested for domestic violence assault with a deadly weapon. Mr. Black secured release, and convinced the state not to file felony charges, through introduction of testimony and argument at bail hearing. Mr. Black ultimately secured dismissal of misdemeanor charges after investigation and litigation.