There are specific federal laws that pertain to immigration related crimes. Many offenses under the general category of immigration crimes are generally classified as fraud crimes in that they involve a deceptive act to obtain benefits under the Immigration and Naturalization Act. Please click here to learn more on federal fraud offenses. Some of the most common immigration related crimes include:

  • false personation as citizen of the United States
  • fraud and false statement in connection with a naturalization, citizenship, or alien registry
  • fraud and misuse of visas or documents related to naturalization, citizenship, or alien registry
  • passport crimes
  • illegal entry into the United States
  • Aiding or abetting an individual in committing a criminal act under the Immigration and Naturalization Act


Immigration-related offenses come with the potential of very serious penalties. These may include jail time and fines. Further, immigration crimes can lead to deportation and removal actions against the accused.

For non-citizens, the commission of an aggravated felony or a crime involving moral turpitude can cause a ban from ever becoming a lawful permanent resident. An aggravated felony refers to certain categories of offenses for which at least one year of jail time is imposed. A crime involving moral turpitude is a criminal offense that is deemed intrinsically wrong and morally reprehensible.


Persons accused of immigration-related offenses have the right to assert a legal defense on their own behalf. For example, a defendant may try to prove their innocence by showing that his conduct did not fit the legal definition of the crime he is accused of committing. Further, the defendant can raise a defense by showing that the prosecution can’t prove a certain technicality within the law.

Defenses to these crimes do exist and the attorneys at Black Law can raise them on your behalf. Our attorneys are well tested and proven in immigration crimes. They have over 20 combined years of experience defending clients on immigration-related offenses. They are also well skilled with deportation and removal hearings. Contact them today to get the quality legal representation you deserve.

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