Bank fraud generally means any scheme or plan to defraud a bank or other financial institution. Committing fraud against a bank basically means a person uses deceit, dishonesty, or some form of trickery to obtain money, credit, security, or any other asset. Bank fraud can be as simple as a person depositing a forged check. The crime can also involve very complicated schemes and complex transactions.


Bank fraud charges are very serious and, if successfully proven, they can lead to life-changing penalties. Some of these include:

• Substantial jail time – potentially decades behind bars
• Significant fines
• Restitution, or the return of money

The specific type and severity of penalty will often depend on the facts of a given case. Penalties grow harsher with the complexity of schemes and the dollar amounts involved.


Legal defenses to bank fraud charges certainly exist. Persons charged with this crime can question the specific transaction in question or the evidence used to prove it. Further, a skilled defense attorney can question a bank’s internal processes that are used to signal when and how a fraud is committed. Other defenses are definitely available, and the specific defense used will depend on the facts of a case.

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