Federal Crimes



Conspiracy is a federal crime. It occurs when two or more people agree to commit a crime and then take some action toward the completion of that crime. The action taken does not necessarily have to be a crime on its own. However, it must indicate that the persons conspiring knew of the plan and intended to break the law. Keep in mind that it’s not necessary for the persons involved to actually complete their crime. All that is required is one small step toward its completion.

Let’s take an example. Bob and John agree to rob a bank. As part of their plan, they buy masks to conceal their faces. If authorities discover their plan after the hats are purchased, Bob and John can get arrested and charged with conspiracy – even if the robbery was not committed and the purchase of hats is not illegal.



Persons found guilty of conspiracy face very serious consequences. Penalties may include large fines and years behind bars. Please also note that defendants guilty of conspiracy may face penalties for both conspiracy and the actual crime that they were acting towards committing.

In the example above, let’s assume Bob and John completed their robbery and were arrested days after the event. The two are then found guilty of conspiracy and robbery. When sentenced, they’ll face penalties for conspiracy and robbery.


Persons charged with the federal crime of conspiracy can raise a legal defense to the charge. A common one involves disproving allegations that the parties involved actually agreed to commit a crime. Recall that an agreement is necessary for conviction of this crime. If no agreement, then no conspiracy. Granted, the facts of some cases may clearly show the existence of an agreement. But, the facts in others may suggest otherwise.

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