Drug Crimes



Just like consumer goods, drugs must get created or produced. This is important because drug manufacturing occurs when a person gets involved in any step of the illegal drug making process. Even if a person just offers some help in the process or lends equipment, he is technically manufacturing drugs.

On a more legal level, Washington law states that prosecutors must prove two elements for a charge of drug manufacturing to hold up. These include: (1) possession of the drug; and, (2) an intent to manufacture. The latter element is often proven by the circumstances or facts within a given case.

For example, let’s say a person’s home was searched and authorities found marijuana seeds and nothing else. Here, there is little evidence to suggest the owner was manufacturing marijuana. However, now consider that in addition to seeds, authorities also found grow lamps and other growing supplies. These additional facts might now be enough to support a manufacturing charge.



As with most drug crimes, the penalties for drug manufacturing are serious and may include years behind bars and thousands of dollars in fines. Those guilty of manufacturing will be guilty of a felony. The exact penalty though will vary depending on a host of factors specific to a case. Some of these include:

• The type of drug involved
• The amount of drug involved
• The offender’s criminal record
• Whether the crime was committed with a weapon
• Whether the crime was committed near a school, playground, or church.


Our criminal defense firm handles many charges related to the manufacturing of marijuana. It’s important for us to note here that while the recreational and medicinal use of marijuana is legal in Washington State, only those persons with a grow license issued by the State can legally grow marijuana. If a person does not have a license, and he grows and cultivates marijuana (even a single plant), he could face manufacturing charges.


Drug manufacturing charges are often complex and require skilled criminal defense attorneys. These attorneys, depending on the facts of your case, will assist in building a legal defense to your charges. Further, any defenses, if successful, can work to reduce your charges or remove them entirely.

A strong defense available to some offenders relates to permits and authorization. That is, sometimes a person charged with manufacturing actually has a permit or authorization to use or possess specific items that are also used to make an illegal substance. If they do, then they might have enough evidence to defeat the possession and intent elements within the manufacturing charge.

Again, know that an experienced drug crime lawyer is necessary to assert such a defense. The attorneys at Black & Askerov are knowledgeable and experienced in drug manufacturing charges and they can advise as to whether a strong legal defense is on your side. Contact them now for a free consultation. Black & Askerov is committed to providing you with proven representation and fair and honest advice.


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