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Embezzlement is just a tricky word that describes a certain type of theft. The crime is committed when an individual, in a position of trust or responsibility over another person’s property or money, fraudulently takes that property or money for himself. For example, consider an accountant that works for a company. Due to the employer/employee relationship between the accountant and the company, the accountant is responsible for the company’s money. If the accountant starts skimming money from the company’s accounts and deposits this money into his own personal account, then he’s technically embezzling money.


Persons found guilty of embezzlement face serious penalties. These include both significant jail time and substantial fines. Penalties may grow as steep as over a decade in prison and fines more than $20,000. The general rule is that penalties increase as the amount of money embezzled increases.


Persons facing an embezzlement charge must know that defenses to this crime do exist. The definition of embezzlement was given above. If the facts of a case show that all the elements of this definition are not in place, then embezzlement charges might very well get reduced or dismissed. Further, complex investigations are often used in embezzlement cases. If, during this investigation, evidence was gained improperly or illegally, then charges may similarly get reduced or dropped.

Know, though, that it will take a skilled criminal defense lawyer to raise an effective defense. Our attorneys are very much experienced with embezzlement charges. They know what defense is best for your case and they are tireless in their efforts to protect your freedom. Contact them today and get the legal assistance you deserve. Black Law provides a free consultation and we aim to surpass your every expectation.


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