Drug Possession Now a Misdemeanor Under Washington Law

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee recently signed a measure that significantly changes the state’s approach to drug possession. The Gov. signed the law after the Washington Supreme Court struck down Washington's previous possession law as unconstitutional. If you have been charged with a drug crime, it is critical to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney [...]

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What is a Drug DUI in Washington?

Most people know that driving under the influence of alcohol is a crime under Washington law. It is also an offense, though, for a motorist to drive a vehicle while under the influence of drugs (e.g., marijuana or cocaine). Prosecutors treat drug DUI charges quite seriously. This means it is critical for a person charged [...]

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Fentanyl Charges in Washington State

Fentanyl is a prescription drug that is used to treat severe pain. The drug is also highly addictive and considered the deadliest drug in America. For this reason, it is no surprise that prosecutors in Washington State will aggressively charge parties for drug crimes involving fentanyl, including charges like possession and distribution. If you are [...]

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What is Drug Conspiracy?

In terms of Washington criminal law, a conspiracy is an agreement between two or more people to commit a crime. Generally, a drug conspiracy is where two or more parties conspire, or agree, to commit a drug related crime. Drug conspiracy crimes are typically federal crimes that are charged at the federal level and prosecuted [...]

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Washington’s Drug Trafficking Laws

All drug charges in the State of Washington, including drug trafficking, must be taken seriously. The penalties for drug crimes are devastating. They can take away a person’s freedoms for years, while also causing substantial financial harm. The Seattle drug crime lawyers at Black Law have over 20 years of combined experience representing persons on [...]

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Defendants can face many different drug crime charges in Washington State, from trafficking to possession and conspiracy. The criminal defense attorneys at Black Law have been defending people on drug charges since 2001. During this time, they can attest to the wide range of drug crime charges, but they’ve also seen – through experience – [...]

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