Pre-trial Release in Washington State

“Pre-trial release” occurs when someone arrested for a crime is released from jail while his/her trial is pending.  While issues relating to pre-trial release can sometimes be difficult to understand, it is critical that those charged with a crime know their rights when it comes to when they can be released from custody. Please know [...]

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Federal Misdemeanors

Our attorneys have provided information on Washington State misdemeanors as well as federal crimes. And, we’ve even discussed the Federal Sentencing Guidelines.  But federal misdemeanors are a topic we’ve left uncovered – until now. The truth is that these crimes are regularly charged in Washington and our firm has long experience in defending these offenses. [...]

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Defendants can face many different drug crime charges in Washington State, from trafficking to possession and conspiracy. The criminal defense attorneys at Black Law have been defending people on drug charges since 2001. During this time, they can attest to the wide range of drug crime charges, but they’ve also seen – through experience – [...]

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Fourth Amendment Under Attack

The Fourth Amendment has been under attack during the last few decades, as the Supreme Court of the United States has sanctioned exception after exception to the warrant requirement. In United States v. Leon, the Supreme Court created the “good faith” exception to the Fourth Amendment’s warrant requirement. Under the good faith exception, evidence seized [...]

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